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They laughed when I started on social networking, but who’s laughing now?


How I went from zero to hero


I started on a single social networking site:

  • I went from zero to a Friends list of 3,500 in a MONTH!

  • After 8 weeks I reached 5,000 – the maximum allowed.

  • I took my first group from zero to 1,200 in a WEEK!

  • My total network now totals 10,000 - and still rising!

  • I did all this without importing any list or database from outside. Apart from my family (who insisted on joining in!) I did it all within that network!

What everybody wants to know is how I did it…

And what do I plan to do to monetize this list?



To get my e-zine and benefit from valuable information on:

  • social networking

  • Law of Attraction

  • NLP and personal development

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The inside story


Now for the first time I’m going to tell the inside story.


This the first chance anyone has had to hear it.


And while I’m going to reward my faithful following with some of this information - the ONLY way you can guarantee to discover all the opportunities I’m creating to benefit from this material is to sign up for my new e-magazine (e-zine).

Social Networking King Martin Allsop


You’ll discover how:

  • You can build an online global empire - while hardly getting out of bed (I actually commute just five paces!)

  • I’ve built a large, high quality list of avid followers who really value my expertise and want more and more of it

  • To build a big network really quickly – I can’t stop mine growing!

  • What I did gets my inbox filled every day with people practically begging me to teach them my secrets

  • The money making opportunities multiply as your list gets bigger

  • You can have the time of your life – whether you choose to work all day (this isn’t work – it’s exciting and FUN!) or exercise your total freedom and choose to take the day (or week) off

Be part of the “new internet wave”


Social networking is the new wave of the internet.

The kind of big wave that doesn’t come along very often.

This is your chance to get in early. This is your chance to get on and ride it.

Take it with both hands.

If you’re one of the “dreamers” or “skeptics” who doesn’t grab it now, then you will be kicking yourself when you see the “doers” start to take off.

The choice is yours


“There is a tide in the affairs of men,

 Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune”

William Shakespeare


Act now!

Some of the items I’m going to make available through this ezine will be for limited numbers only – and it’ll be first come first served.


Go to the box at the top right of the page and enter your name and email address – we’ll do the rest


Find out how social networking makes money for you.

Too good to miss!




“Hi Martin

Glad to be counted among your MANY friends. Looks like you are taking social networking to another level!”

Susan Greene, Orlando, FL www.SusanGreeneCopywriter.com


“Hi Martin!

You're an amazing internet marketing machine!”

Loralee Hutton, Edmonton, AB


“Martin, you light a candle in the darkness and … help make the world a better place via inspiration, learning, encouragement”

Patricia Maier



“Martin I honour who you are and what you have accomplished.

Yours is a life of vision and purpose.

Yours in Absolute Respect”

Micheal Teale, Niagara, ON http://theancientone.gaia.com


“I am proud to have you on my network you are an inspiration to all. Mr 1000 strong!!”

Amy Romanus

Fort Lauderdale, FL

(received just after my Friends list topped 1,000!)


“Martin is right!

He is Brilliant also! ATTRACT people, not chase them!”

Maggie Lancy, Ojai, CA www.lighthousemarketer.com/gotfreedom



You are quite the networking rockstar! You inspire me.


Elaina McMillan – Denver, CO http://www.Hypnotica-Love.com



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